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Submitted a claim on your own? – The reality and facts

The Law On January 21st 2017 the Spanish government issued a Royal Decree due to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) Ruling on the 21st December 2016, relating to Clausula Suelo (Floor Clause) Claims on Spanish mortgages. The Royal Decree was approved to aid the banks reach out of court settlements on these claims and prevent hundreds of thousands of cases reaching the already overloaded courts in Spain. The Process - Extra Judicial Based on this decree, the banks were given 3 months to calculate and make an offer on any claim submitted via this extra judicial process. The banks were also asked to set up specific departments to deal with the claims, and as a result were given a 30-day grace period from the 21st January. So, any extra judicial claim submitted prior to this date will start from the 21st February. The Reality Unfortunately, the [...]

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Shock “Floor Clause” Ruling Promises Higher Returns for Claimants

Bank customers seeking to claim back floor clause compensation are in line to receive considerably higher payouts, following a surprise ruling from the European Court of Justice this morning. At 9.30am CET, the European Court of Justice went against a Spanish court's initial ruling, meaning banks will now have to repay their clients what they were incorrectly charged on their mortgages before May 2013. Early estimates say this puts an extra 3 - 4.5 billion euros on to the total amount that clients will be able to claim back. As a result, share values have dropped significantly for several of Spain's largest banks, those with the highest exposure to compensation claims. We're extremely pleased with this outcome on behalf of our clients, at Rapido Claims, and our legal team will now be analysing the terms of this ruling and exactly what it will means for our clients' [...]

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If you removed the clause and did not claim, you still can!

Zaragoza Provincial Court confirms that 'clausula suelo' agreements are null In just the latest of a series of breakthrough developments in the ongoing fight against the mortgage interest floor clauses that have left many Spanish property owners wrongly out of pocket, the Provincial Court of Zaragoza has reissued a resolution confirming its approach reflected in a previous judgement, declaring the non-validity of certain agreements between consumers and banks over the clauses. More specifically, the resolution declares as void deals in which wronged customers agreed not to take legal action against their mortgage lenders in exchange for a lower 'ground' interest rate. It follows a judgement issued by the court in March that also declared such agreements signed by banks and customers to be null. A better deal for Zaragoza mortgage holders Such a judgement should settle the matter of whether it is acceptable for the region's banks [...]

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